Annihilus Charm - UNIDENTIFIED

Rolls :

Annihilus Charm

The anni charm is one of the most intriguing items to get in the game. It requires being in a specific lobby where 70-120 Stone of Jordan rings are sold to the vendors, which triggers the Diablo Clone to spawn.

Most players will never have the chance to see this event due to the process required for Dclone to spawn.

Like the Hellfire Torch, the anni charm provides some nice boosts to your character to really get them able to Flex in the endgame.

Anni Charms can roll??as the following:

Small Charm

Required Level: 70

+1 To??All Skills
+10-20 To All??Attributes (varies)
All??Resistances??+10-20 (varies)
+5-10% To??Experience??Gained (varies)

Annihilus Charms??for sale have the +Attribute roll (or the range) followed by the +Resistance % roll (or range) and +Experience % roll or (range)

For example:

18/15/7 Annihilus Charm means a roll of +18 All Attributes and All Resistances +15% and +7% to Experience??Gained
10-15/10-14%/9-10% Annihilus Charm means you will receive a roll between?? +10-15 All Attributes, All Resistances +10-15% and +9-10% Experience Gained


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