Beast - Non-Ladder

Base - ED% - +Strength :


Beast is a quite a unique runeword that provides the player the skill of Werebear. In addition it has some strong boosts in a lot of categories, including IAS, Crushing Blow, Open Wounds, Prevent Monster Heal and Strength.

The runeword is made in 5os axes, scepters and hammers and uses the following runes:

Ber Tir Um Mal Lum

The potential rolls for beast are:

Level 9 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+240-270% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+20% Chance of Crushing Blow
+25% Chance of Open Wounds
+3 To Werebear
+3 To Lycanthropy
Prevent Monster Heal
+25-40 To Strength (varies)
+10 To Energy
+2 To Mana After Each Kill
Level 13 Summon Grizzly (5 Charges)

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