Sorceress Item Packs


Sorceress Item Pack

Get your sorceress geared up for hell content with our budget packs that suit all sorceress classes.

The Sorceress Item Pack will get you the following items:

- Harlequin Crest Shako
- The Oculus Swirling Crystal
- Tal-Rasha's Amulet, Armour and Belt
- Magefist
- War Traveler
- 2 x Nagelring
- 35% FCR Spirit Monarch

This will give your Sorceress a complete set of gear equipped. Click the above items to view their descriptions.

Want to be even stronger? Consider adding the following to your character:

- Call to Arms - For the second weapon equipped
- Second Spirit Monarch Shield - To partner the CTA in the weapon switch slot
- Skill Grand Charms - Cold, Fire and Lightning all available
- Annihilus Charm - Dont Forget if you spend over $40 USD on an order, you get one of these for free!
- Sorceress Torch - This is probably the most important add on item, the skill, attribute and resistance benefits from a torch are incredible.

We look forward to adding packs that are designed to specific high-end builds in the future!

When you have completed your order, remember to open up a live chat to arrange your order’s delivery immediately. To do this, just type your order number into the chatbox at the bottom right corner of your screen. A member of our team will help to arrange the collection of your order.

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