Trang-Oul's Avatar

Set Pieces :

Trang-Oul's Avatar

A set designed for the Necromancer, set items are designed to be worn together by giving special bonuses for having part of a set equipped or the whole set equipped.

At D2R Flex we give you the option to buy the set as a whole, or only need some of the pieces you can select them individually.

The set benefits of Trang-Oul's Avatar are:

Partial Set Bonus

+18 To Fire Ball (2 Items)
Regenerate Mana 15% (2 Items)
+13 To Fire Wall (3 Items)
Additional Regenerate Mana 15% (3 Items)
Additional Regenerate Mana 15% (4 Items)
+10 To Meteor (4 Items)

Complete Set Bonus

+3 To Necromancer Skill Levels
20% Life Stolen Per Hit
+3 To Fire Mastery
+10 To Meteor
+13 To Fire Wall
+18 To Fire Ball
+200 Defense
+100 To Mana
Regenerate Mana 60%
Replenish Life +5
All Resistances +50

You also get an incredibly unique bonus of having your appearance transform into a vampire when you have the full set equipped!

The items that make up the Trang-Oul's Avatar set are:

Trang-Oul's Guise
Bone Visage

Defense: 180-257 (varies)
(Base Defense: 100-157)

Required Level: 65
Required Strength: 106
Durability: 40

25% Faster Hit Recovery
Replenish Life +5
+80-100 Defense (varies)
+150 To Mana
Attacker Takes Damage of 20

Trang-Oul's Scales
Chaos Armor

Defense: 857 
(Base Defense: 315-343)

Required Level: 49
Required Strength: 84
Durability: 70

+150% Enhanced Defense
Requirements -40%
40% Faster Run/Walk
Poison Resist +40%
+100 Defense vs. Missile
+2 To Summoning Skills (Necromancer Only)

Lightning Resist +50% (When 3+ items from the set are equipped including this item)
Damage Reduced By 25% (When complete set is equipped)

Trang-Oul's Wing
Cantor Trophy

Defense: 175-189 (varies)
(Base Defense: 50-64)

Required Level: 54
Required Strength: 50
Durability: 20
Chance to Block: 60%

+125 Defense
+30% Increased Chance Of Blocking
Poison Resist +40%
Fire Resist +38-45% (varies)
+15 To Dexterity
+25 To Strength
+2 To Poison And Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)

-25% To Enemy Poison Resistance (When 3+ items from the set are equipped including this item)
Replenish Life +15 (When 4+ items from the set are equipped including this item)

Trang-Oul's Claws
Heavy Bracers

Defense: 67-74 (varies)
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 58
Durability: 16

+20% Faster Cast Rate
Cold Resist +30%
+30 Defense
+25% Poison Skill Damage
+2 To Curses (Necromancer Only)

Trang-Oul's Girth
Troll Belt

Defense: 134-166 (varies)
(Base Defense: 59-66)

Required Level: 62
Required Strength: 91
Durability: 18
16 Boxes

+75-100 Defense (varies)
Requirements -40%
Cannot Be Frozen
Replenish Life +5
+25-50 To Mana (varies)
+30 Maximum Stamina
+66 To Life

Cold Resist +40% (When 3+ items from the set are equipped including this item)

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